Energy Conservation Steam Turbines 20 kW to 5500 kW

Salient Feature

  • Power Output Range: 20 kW to 5500 kW
    Inlet Pressure Range: 2 Bar (a) – 100 Bar (a)
    Back Pressure Range: 0.1 Bar (a) – 25 Bar (a)
    Turbine Speed: 12000 RPM / 14500 RPM
    Suitable for both Super-Heated as well as SATURATED steam application
    Precisely Designed Back Pressure / Condensing Turbines for Process Industry operating using existing Boiler
    Turbine blades are milled on high precision CNC machines
    Turbine modules, directly coupled to Speed reduction Gearbox, driving a Generator.
    Heavy civil foundations are not necessary as skid is mounted on Anti-Vibration Mounts.
    Turbo Drive Application: Turbine can be directly coupled to Pump
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